Penn State: The Florida State of the Middle of Nowhere…

First of all, let me say this… “Fuck Computers”.  For the second straight night, i completed a long, thought out entry, and before i could post, BAM, deleted.  This time it was my chubby fingers hitting the wrong button, but still, the damn undue botton was there, shaded and useless, like a pot-bellied diabetics feet. 

But i won’t let it get me down, not tonight.  I have too much bitching to do. 

With the latest incident involving Chris Bell and his eventual dismissal from the team, (cause lets face it, no matter how hard the Cincinnati Bengals try, it is damn near impossible to play organized football from prison), that brings the grand total of ‘off the field incidents’ for Penn State football players to somewhere around 894 since 2002.  I used to look down my nose at the Florida State fans of the world, at the Miami Hurricanes fans, and I would say to them, “Yeah, our basketball team sucks, but at least we graduate our student athletes instead of shipping them off to prison after their eligibility is up.”  Lets just give this as an example of how things are going for us now… Last week a member of the Penn State basketball team was arrested for public masturbation.  Now, it’s just a suggestion, and I am far from a basketball coach, but don’t you think this young mans time would have been better spent PRACTICING FREE THROWS instead of pinching his squid in the damn library??? It appears as if Lady Kharma has come back to kick me square in the pills, yet again.

I don’t know what has happenend to our once proud athletic program, but whatever is causing it (i blame it on the coachs inability to physically beat the shit out of players as punishment anymore, like in the good ol days), we need to find and fix.  Loosing sucks, but being the Florida State of the middle of nowhere, PA, is much, much worse. 


One Response to “Penn State: The Florida State of the Middle of Nowhere…”

  1. St33lkrtin Says:

    Good read buddy. “Pinching squid”, I’m stealing that desciptive thingy. Keep writing man….

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