It’s Penguins playoff time… and nobody is watching

Is hockey really that bad??  Teams such as my Pittsburgh Penguins have worked hard during the seemingly endless NHL season to acheive the first part of every teams sequence of goals for the year; to make the playoffs.  After all of the blood, sweat, and chipped teeth of the regular season, the Pen’s acheived that goal and made it into the playoffs as the 2nd seed in the East.  Excited for Game 1, (I am admittedly a horrible hockey fan, i start watching around March every year, but I’ll get into that some other time) I hurried home from rugby practice to turn on the game.  It was nowhere to be found, but here is a list of things that were on instead…

(It is at this time that I do a quick search through my Direct TV guide, immediately finding the game on TV, and making any further comment about how absurd it is to not have a playoff game televised completely irrelevant.  Please join me tomorrow for my section titled, ‘Direct TV guide: 999 stations, I get 19 of them, but can only find 4’)

I considered deleting my post, ON PURPOSE, and starting over, but you, dear reader, need to see what kind of guy you are dealing with here.  Sometimes the easiest tasks, and tasks that I have more practice at than any other in this world, such as channel surfing, can escape me. 


One Response to “It’s Penguins playoff time… and nobody is watching”

  1. I like pizza!

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