This time, it actually DID happen!

I’m not going to get into it, mostly because I am short on time, but you know my post a few days ago, bitching about how the Pen’s game wasn’t on TV, and then i found out that it actually was on tv??  Same scenario last night for game 2, only there was no happy ending (except that the Pen’s took care of business!).  The game wasn’t on my Direct TV.  Let me clarify.  The game WAS on Direct TV, and on a station that i receive.  I watched some of the replay of game 1, and after that was over, it was game 2 time!  All of the sudden, the screen goes black, and the station is unavailable at this time.  WHAT?!?!  The game was blacked out, but nowhere to be found on any of my other stations.  I couldn’t even find the stupid Flyers game (CHOOOOOOOOOOOKE) on TV!  My asian roomate Noodle tried to explain to me the blackout rules, but between his chinese accent and the gibberish that was coming out of his mouth, i couldn’t understand why the game wouldnt be on.  You should not have to buy NHL Center Ice to watch PLAYOFF HOCKEY!!!

I’m done bitching.  I am off to the land of milk and honey, Penn State University, for my rugby match and then my own kind of blackout.  Everyone have an enjoyable weekend. 


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