The new NFL schedule is out…

and there is only one date that sticks out to me.  September 21st.  Pittsburgh at Philadelphia. 

65 years ago, during WW2, these two teams came together as one, and were known, unofficially, as the Steagles.  This was the first winning season in the Philadelphia franchise’s history, and it was because half of the guys on the team were from Pittsburgh. 

Back then, for the good of the country, they played nice.  Now, with no world war and with professional athletes making far too much money to consider joining the military (yes there are some exceptions, i.e Pat Tillman) we can have a nice intrastate rivalry.  Neither one of these teams care nearly as much about this rivalry as I do, I’m sure.  Having gone to Penn State, I heard my fair share of ‘Fly Eagles Fly’ and ‘E-A-G-L-E-S EAGLES’ chants sung by blithering neanderthals.  I want nothing more than to beat them as badly as they have ever been beaten.  As a matter of fact, it’s time for my first ever Top 5 list.

Top 5 things that I would like to see happen during the Steelers/Eagles game this year

1. I want Donovan McNabb to vomit Campbell’s chunky soup all over his centers back, a la Super Bowl 39. 

2. I want one of the 5 times Brian Westbrook will get injured this year to be in this game. 

3. I want the eagles receivers, um, whats that one guys name?  I can’t really think of any of their names come to think of it. 

4. I want the Eagles fans to be so disappointed in their teams performance that they actually throw batteries at their own team!

5. I want to hear the color commentator make ‘Andy Reid parenting jokes’ throughout the broadcast.

And there you have it.  I’m sure we will be discussing this as the event gets closer, but I just wanted to be the first to say, “Go fuck yourself, Philadelphia Eagles!”



3 Responses to “The new NFL schedule is out…”

  1. you also would like to get a blumpkin from sheri, but we all know, like your list above, that shit ain’t gonna happen, bub.

    The Steeler’s have not won a game in philly since 1979. given that you can’t protect ben anymore, can’t run the ball, have an aging defense, and you have another RB who is focussed on cleveland steamers, you will not win.

    o. and donovan mcnabb is an uncle tom. there, i said it.

  2. and BTW, the penguin have some of the most brain dead fans i have witnessed.

  3. St33lkrtin Says:


    Every time James Farrior sacks McScabb, he dry humps him on the field.

    But, seriously, year after year the Steelers get stuck with the toughest schedule. What the fuck man? Then, the fuckin’ Patriots (*cough cheaters) get to play the Dolphins like 6 times, and Belicheck is a damn genius. Well, holy fuckballs, if the Steelers played Ball State 11 games each year, Tomlin would be a fuckin genius guru or whatever too….

    Oh, fuck the Patriots. And, fuck the Eagles.

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