It’s a big weekend…

The weather is warming up here in southeastern PA, (caution: over-used cliche) and so is all the non-stop sports action!  The Cleveland Cavs start their run for their first NBA championship, the Pen’s will lounge around at home all weekend after making quick work of the Senators, and the Blue team will take on the White team in Penn State’s annual Blue/White scrimmage.  There is so much to talk about, I can hardly take the time to write out in depth analysis of all these events, so i will make some quick notes below:

  1. King James is the greatest basketball player of all time, and handsome too!!

                   “The King”

  1. The Pittsburgh Penguins looked wicked sharp against the lowly Ottawa Senators, can they keep it up against a more difficult opponent in the second round?  This man says ‘yes’.
  2. I hope the Steelers can select a top offensive lineman in this years draft, without reaching.  I know this is still a week away, but its the NFL draft, and I am excited.
  3. I won’t be in attendance of the Blue/White game for the first time in many years, (I have a rugby tourney in DE, and i just traveled to PSU last weekend), but I am excited to read about how our new offense looks.  I will be interested to see if we can really put something together to play to our strengths, or if we will just be running 5 yard out patterns on 3rd and 8… again….
  4. I’m hoping that Lebron’s supporting cast can step up and actually contribute.  We all know Lebron can ball in the playoffs (see game 5 versus the Pistons last year, when he scored 29 of the Cavs last 30 points), but it’s time to see if ‘The Move’ will pay off. 
  5. I really hope that Stephon Green takes the first step towards living up to all of the off season hype in this weekends scrimmage. 
  6. Will my friends that are still making the journey to Happy Valley this weekend play Edward Forty-Hands, even though I won’t be there to dominate the field?  I sure hope so. 

                    “note: real friends not shown”

So there you have it.  Random thoughts on this weekend’s sporting events.  This will probably be my last post until Sunday or Monday, so have a great weekend friends, and remember, “Fat girls need mclovin’ too”.

                       “God, these fries are gooood”


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