Sweet, Glorious Weekend

The activities of this past weekend couldn’t have gone any better.  My rugby team won all three of our matches to win the Widener Law tournament, King James and the Cav’s took care of business in game 1 of the NBA playoffs, Penn State made it through the Blue/White scrimmage without any significant injuries, and the Pittsburgh Penguins stayed in PA to bed the wives of the Flyers players while they were out losing Game 5.  Things are well. 

             “2008 Widener Law Tourney Champions- PCOM”

In regards to the rugby tournament, I came away with one statement that summed up the entire 7 hour, 85 degree experience.  Sunlight is like Kryptonite for fat people.  That game is so much easier ( I should say ‘less hard’, the game is never easy) when it is cloudy and 55 degrees.  Once that sun comes out, just mocking me and my inability to sweat fast enough to cool myself down with anything short of a fire hose spewing ice water, it makes the game, and anything for that matter, much less enjoyable for those of us who would be classified as ‘husky’.  I want to know how John Daly does it.  Golf isn’t the most demanding sport, but I’ll be damned if it isn’t hotter than hell out there most of the time.  And John Daly is fat.  Really fat.  His caddy has to have the worst job in all of sports.  Can you imagine how much that towel that he carries around weighs after 18 holes worth of dabbing under John Daly’s man-boobs?  Not to mention all of the second hand smoke.

“I hope somebody counted me in for burgers at the turn”

That’s all I’ve got for today, tomorrow I will take a closer look at things I heard about the Blue/White game. 


One Response to “Sweet, Glorious Weekend”

  1. so…your team is entirely made up of forwards?

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