Draft Wrap-Up

This weekends draft went as expected, only much faster than usual due to the time that each team had to pick being reduced to 10 minutes in the first round.  This years draft lacked a Matt Lienart or a Brady Quinn, which was disappointing to me.  Why were you disappointed you ask?  It wasn’t so much that that I missed their good looks and charm, but rather it was the constant screen shots of an increasingly disappointed face as each pick came and went without their name being called.  It reminded me of my friend Stifle when we went to Vegas for a friend of ours bachelor party.  He sat down at the roulette table, immediately started winning, and was loud and boisterous, for everyone in the now defunct San Remo Hotel and Casino to hear.  He was all smiles.  Then, slowly but surely, Lady Luck started to turn her back on poor Stifle.  The cheers became quieter and less frequent.  Then came the profanity.  Then silence.  Finally he was asked to leave the table if he wasn’t going to purchase more chips.  This is how the NFL draft must have felt for Brady Quinn last year.  He arrives in NYC, on top of the world.  Ready to party, and ready to be a Top 5 draft pick.  5 picks come and go and he no longer is grinning from ear to ear, but he still has a smile on his face.  “6th isn’t so bad” he thinks to himself.  Picks 6 through 10 come and go, and the commissioner has made no mention of Brady Quinn.  The smile has turned into a slight smirk.  “Ok, at least as a top 20 pick, I will get a fairly lucrativecontract, and hey, look on the bright side, at least the Cleveland Browns have picked already, so I won’t have to play there.  Thank God.”  Picks 10 through 20 are selected, and witheach one, the smirk transforms more and more from an, “Oh well, I’m still getting laid tonight” smirk, to a “You have got to be fucking kidding me, I’m Brady Quinn, this can’t be happening” smirk.  Finally, at pick #22, and with Brady in near tears and about to throw a temper tantrum, he hears his name called.   But wait!  “There must be some mistake!”, he thinks to himself.  “The Cleveland Browns!?!?  But they already picked, and they suck!!  There aren’t any half naked co-ed sluts in Cleveland!  They are all fat and dressed warm!!  At least Leinart got to go to Phoenix!!  WAAAHHHHH”.

      “This is not happening”

OK, so I have gone off on a tangent again.  So sue me.  I will very briefly go over the Steelers 2008 draft picks with a quick comment on each one.  Tomorrow.  So until then, I leave you with this.  Enjoy.




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