What I Ate for Lunch Today v2

You may be asking yourselves, “How could he have eaten lunch already, it’s 10:23am”.  To those people i say, “Lick nuts”.  It’s my blog and I can do what i want.  With so many great things going on in the sports world, (King James and the Cav’s defeat the thuggish Washington Wizards in round 1 of the NBA playoffs, the Pen’s lead 3-1 in their series with the Lone Ass Rangers, The Kentucky Derby is today, etc.), sometimes it is hard to take a step back and look at what is really important in life.  That is what I am doing today. 

In today’s segment of ‘What I Ate for Lunch Today’, we will take a look into a Philadelphia cult classic. 

If you ask someone what the first thing that pops into their head is when you say, ‘Philadelphia’, you are sure to get a variety of very different answers, depending on who you ask.  These answers could range from ‘Phillies’ or ‘Eagles’ to ‘Rocky’ or ‘Neandrathals’.  One answer that you would be sure to hear a lot of would be ‘Cheese steak’.  The Philadelphia Cheese steak plays an integral part in Philadelphia being named one of the nations fattest cities, along with the unfortunate fact that sitting on your couch, watching Ryan Howard strike out on T.V. and shouting at your wife to bring you another beer just doesn’t burn as many calories as one would think. 

In a continuation of this game, if you ask someone what the first thing that pops into their head is when you say the word, ‘Cheesesteak’, many would quickly answer with, ‘Pats’ or ‘Genos’.  Not this guy.  This guy would have said, ‘Mamma’s’.  In fact, that probably would have been the first thing that popped into my head for the Philadelphia question, and is likely to be my answer for any question at any given time. 

      “Dramatization(actual Mamma’s Cheese Steak not shown)”

Mamma’s is a small Italian restaurant in Northern Philadelphia.  The have many other items to choose from on their menu besides the cheese steak, but I’ve never tried them.  As a matter of fact, I don’t personally know anyone that has ordered anything other than the cheese steak. 

Each delicious ‘log of love’, weighs approximately 2.5 lbs.  This is broken down to a ratio of 1.5 lbs of beef to 1 lb of cheese per steak.  When these two items are combined on the large flat top grill in the kitchen, something magical happens.  Much like when Banana Man takes the first bite of his namesake, the cheese and steak form into a superhero among all things edible.  The result is what many would describe as a ‘brick’ of meat and cheese fused together.  This brick is placed in a fresh hoagie roll, wrapped up in paper, and handed (with two hands) to the consumer on the other side of the counter.  By the time the consumer gets the cheese steak home, he or she can see through the paper to the glistening prize within.  Add hot sauce, and you are ready for the best meal that you will ever eat.*

                     “Ever Alert for the Call to Action”

*caution: Each Mamma’s Cheese steak that you consume reduces your time here on Earth by 6 months, so eat sparingly.  I try to keep my intake to under 4 a year. 


2 Responses to “What I Ate for Lunch Today v2”

  1. Richard Says:

    I like the implication in the first sentence that there might be someone other than myself out there who actually reads this.

  2. pretty good description. for someone from erie.

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