You win some… You lose some

The Penguins advanced to the Stanley Cup Finals this weekend, beating the Flyers 6-0 in game 5.  This was great.  I was really hoping they would take care of business over the weekend so I wouldn’t have to go back to my office, in a suburb of Philadelphia, and have to worry about having to win a game 6 or 7.  After all, I had talked so much shit after the first 3 games, that if the Flyers somehow came back and won that series, I would have been on the following day looking for a new job.  I have about a week and a half of vacation left, and every last day of it would have been used immediately following that game 7. 

Pissing in my celebratory punch bowl were the Boston Celtics, beating my Cleveland Cavaliers in Game 7 the same day the Pens won their series.  You may recall my prediction in an earlier post, something along the lines of, “The Cav’s MUST win at home to have a chance, and they will need to steal one from the Celtics in Boston to take the series”.  Well one out of two ain’t bad (just ask John Kruk’s ball sack).  They took care of the first part, winning every game at home and forcing a game 7.  Not so much on the latter, although they did keep it close, and made it a very exciting game.  Yeah like that makes me feel any better.  Watching this series, for me, was like playing a game of ‘just the tip’ with the girl with questionable morals that lived in the dorm room next to your sisters when she was in college.  Yeah, it was cool to get close to going all the way, but in the end, it was unsatisfying. 


           “I could have sworn I had another one in here somewhere”

Some time this week I will get into some Penn State Football recruiting news.  Until then…


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