Thank God May is over…

What a long month its been. Work has been a disaster. With diesel fuel prices at $5.00/gallon, life in the logistics world is about as pleasant as your interior decorator trying to give give you a root canal. It sucks. Following two teams through their playoff runs has been exhausting as well. My playoff beard is getting out of control. It has now taken on a life of its own, like Ash’s hand in Evil Dead 2. While I want nothing more than to slay the beast that has taken up residence on my face, I haven’t shaved since the Pen’s started their playoff run, and I’ll be damned if I’m going to start now. Only one more week at the most… I can do it.


      “It appears as though Castro is a Pens fan as well”

In other news… Penn State football recruiting is in full swing. The Nittany Lions are up to 11 verbal commits for the 2009 recruiting class. They have commitments from 5 DB’s, 4 OL, 1 DE, and 1 WR, including 3 players currently rated as 4-star recruits by Those players are : Eric Shrive, the #6 rated offensive lineman in the country; Sean Stanley, the #11 rated defensive end; and Darrell Givens, the #18 ranked defensive back in the country, who decomitted from Ohio State to join this Nittany Lions class. It’s still early, and many players haven’t received a star rating from Rivals yet, so don’t be surprised if one or two more of these guys end up as 4 star recruits themselves. So much for the uncertainty of life after JoePa having a detrimental effect on recruiting. I think kids are finally realizing that JoePa is going to coach until he is done coaching, but even when he IS done coaching, he will never leave the program. The man has been a part of Penn State football for so long, that he will be involved until the day that he dies. Do you honestly think that when JoePa decides to hang it up, he is going to move to Florida and take up bingo and shuffleboard with the rest of the 90 year olds? Shit no. He is going to be out there recruiting, just like he is now. He will be giving inspirational speeches to the team before big games. He will still be taking his brisk walks through campus, saying hello to the students as they pass by him and stare like he has a cock growing out of his forehead. I want JoePa to keep coaching. I want them, 30 years from now, to be wheeling him out through the tunnel in an iron lung, complete with his rolled up khaki pants and, by that time, 6 inch thick glasses.


    “What is all this forward pass nonsense!?”


This year could shape up to be a great year, a top ten year, in recruiting, and JoePa is older than he ever was. As long as we have the state of Maryland and Larry Johnson Sr, we should be just fine.




2 Responses to “Thank God May is over…”

  1. your. beard. is. awesome.

    and its name is zeul.

  2. Awesome, beards are good looks for us Jews

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