I’m getting more and more excited…

about football season as the summer progresses.  The more I read and the more that i think about it, Penn State could be one ‘debilitating kitchen accident for Jay Paterno’ away from a Big 10 Championship, or better.  All I’m saying is, if Jay Paterno’s nanny would happen to ‘accidently’ leave something shiney at the bottom of the garbage disposal, we could be one flip of the on-switch away from having a competent coach replace Jay and assist in offensive play calling and quarterback development. 

“Oh, hey sorry Jay, we were going to get you a national championship ring too, honest, but really, we just didn’t want to hurt your feelings”

 JUST IMAGINE IT!!!  Penn State with competent offensive play calling and the ability to correctly develop a quarterback prospect??  I know, I know… I HAVE been on a Twilight Zone kick lately, (I DVR’d 40 episodes of a marathon last weekend), but really, this could happen.  With his fingers missing he would be unable to grip the Nintendo controller to flip through his secret playbook that he has borrowed from John Elways Quarterback Football, and he would be demoted back to his original position, making sure the practice field doesn’t have any big stones or broken bottles in it.  Although even that he would only be half as good at as he used to be, considering he only would have fingers on one hand to pick up stones with.

                 “JayPa’s Secret Playbook”

Penn State’s depth is the main reason that my optimism has returned.  It appears as if most of our young recruits are developing nicely, and in some positions (DL,DE,OL,TE), we have players that are ready to play now 2 or even 3 spots deep on the depth chart.  At other positions, however, (WR), we are not nearly as deep.  We are graduating our Top 3 receivers after this season, and we lost Bell over the off season because he was an idiot.  We need a few top WR recruits in this class, because we don’t have anyone that is waiting to step in and be a top Big 10 WR right away. 

I hope everyone else is getting as excited as I am.


3 Responses to “I’m getting more and more excited…”

  1. good thread and link to the “Spread HD”

    note: galen hall ran the wishbone under switzer at okl.


  2. I’m going to take on every Penn State fan this year and root FOR JayPa. This will be his breakout year and by the end of the season, Happy Valley will be on their knees worshipping his offensive knowledge. What do you think of that?

  3. erieisforlovers Says:

    I think that if any year was going to be his breakout year, this would be it. A new ‘spread hd’ offense is supposedly in place, and it is him and hall running it. If it works, he looks good, but still this offense is nothing new. If it doesn’t work, well, then everyone continues to call him an idiot.

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