Stuff Indian People Like…

Why do Indian people (dots, not feathers) insist on wearing collared shirts while working out at the gym?  This bothers me to no end.  If you have been to a gym that has any sort of Indian-American clientele, you no doubt have noticed that some of them will wear collared, ‘Polo-style’ shirts to work out in.  Why???  The rest of the world can wear tee shirts (unless you are jacked, elderly, or from New Jersey, in which case you probably wear a tank top), why can’t you?  Did you leave your house in such a hurry that you could grab high school gym teacher shorts, crew socks, and sneakers, but couldn’t reach into one more drawer to get a damn tee shirt?  Are you showing your commitment to your day job by wearing the same thing that you wore to your job as an IT consultant to the gym?  No… No this can’t be it, because I have also noticed that there is NEVER an undershirt worn beneath said polo shirt.  I know that they don’t go to work in a polo shirt with no undershirt on, so they have to go through the effort of taking off the work shirt, taking off the undershirt, then putting the work shirt BACK on… Ridiculous!!  Are you preparing in case the stranger that you ask to spot you is so impressed by the amount of times you can bench press 135 lbs that he will invite you to his country club for a round of golf after your work out?  But what if there is no time to get changed after your vigorous weight lifting session before the limo picks you up to take you to the golf course?  Perfect!  You are already wearing your golf shirt!!  Who’s laughing now!?!?

I mean, don’t take this the wrong way, I have some great friends who are Indians (dots AND feathers), and I love them, but they would not wear a damn collared shirt to the gym, or rest assured we would never have become friends in the first place.  I would have slapped them in the back of the head and told them to never speak to me again until they purchased and put on a fucking cotton tee shirt.

“Are you guys ready to get huge, or what?”


3 Responses to “Stuff Indian People Like…”

  1. dude, what kind of gym do you go to?

    it could be worse: they could pop the collars.

  2. dammit, i did briefly start doing that because I have an uninhabited gym in my complex that I was going to at like 11PM, so no one was there, and I damned if i was going to put on a perfectly clean shirt to start sweating, when i already have a perfectly good slightly soiled work shirt on. That being said, I would wear that to an actual gym, and eventually put an end to that practice as, frankly, polo shirts are hot as hell.

  3. the real question is, which asians are weirder:


    or South Central:

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