Who is in charge of deciding what is ‘in fashion’?

Because I would like to speak with them.  I have some serious beef.  For years whoever it is that decides what it is that women wear on a regular basis was doing a great job.  The mini skirt, daisy-dukes, even the spring dress was hot.  But now a disturbing trend has come about, and I want to file a complaint with whoever is in charge.

I knew I should have filed a formal complaint when those stupid ass Capri pants were in style, but I thought that they were so ugly, and so un-hot, that there is no way that the trend could last, and there is no possible way that the American public would allow a spin-off demon spawn to take its place.  Apparently I have too high a regard for the American public, because this year, girls are wearing Bermuda shorts… 

Take a minute to look at the picture above, and let any blood that may have been engorging your penis to retreat back into your body, never to return again.  Seriously, what the fuck happened?  How do we go from this…

The Mini Skirt

The Mini Skirt

to this…

The Short Short with ass caption

The Short Short with ass caption

to this…




so damn quickly??  I wish Marty McFly would have crashed his time traveling Delorean into my barn about 10 years ago and warned me that the women of the future would be wearing this bullshit.  At least then I could have picked up a crystal meth addiction and either be dead by now or be so crazy and toothless that ugly women’s shorts would be the least of my worries. 

I conclude this post with a kind request of the fashion powers that be.  PLEASE STOP THIS MADNESS!  Either make them pants or make them shorts.  I can’t stand it any longer.  There are hot girls out there who I need to eye hump, and all I can concentrate on are these bullshit pantshorts… so I beg you, bring back the short shorts!!

Now THATS more like it

Now THAT'S more like it


2 Responses to “Who is in charge of deciding what is ‘in fashion’?”

  1. i heard flowered nighties are making a comeback

  2. St33lkrtin Says:

    Zac, you should see what they wear here in Korea…. You WOULD NOT be disappointed.

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