Penn State grades vs CCU Week 1

Penn State

Penn State

Coastal Carolina
Coastal Carolina

After rewatching the game this morning (waaay too much rum on my first go at it on Saturday), I now have a little better idea of how the game went.  I will give grades to positions based on what I saw and personal opinions.  If you agree or disagree, leave a comment and let us know. 



Grade B+

Daryl Clark started the game and Pat Devlin got some quality reps in.  Before the start of this game I was a Clark supporter, but after watching this game, I am not sure that Pat Devlin shouldn’t be the starting QB.  He looks so natural back there and throws a pretty ball.  This one game against a Div 1-AA opponent can’t be the determining factor, but I feel much better about our QB situation knowing that Devlin appears to be 100% capable of running the team. 


Grade A

Every running back looked great on Saturday.  Penn State rushed 43 times for 344 yards.  That is an average of 7.8 ypc.  I’ll take that any day.  Evan Royster and Stefphon Green looked particularly sharp, as expected.


Grade A

As expected, the very senior and very experienced WR’s played extremely well.  What was great to see is how well the younger members of this group performed.  Chaz Powell took a 55 yard run for a TD.  On top of that, the two guys fighting for the 4th WR spot, Derrick  Moye and Brett Brackett both had catches and looked sharp. 


Grade C+

Not as impressed with this group.  Didn’t see a whole lot of them in this game, and I think we have a talented group of guys here.  With the amount of talent that we have at the WR position, we have to us the middle of the field to our advantage, and get the TE’s the ball more often.  Devlin gave a TE (which one it was escapes me, Szczerba maybe) a chance at a TD catch at the end of the first half, but the ball hit him in the hands and was dropped.  We can’t settle for an easy 3 points when we have the opportunity for 6 points against quality opponents.


Grade B+

These guys did a great job on Saturday, but they were expected to.  They opened big holes for the RB’s most of the time, and kept the defense away from their QB on passing plays.  I kind of expected bigger holes more frequently, but that is just me being picky.  I think they will have to get better as the year goes on to keep up with exponentially better opponents further down the schedule.  The back up lineman looked solid as well.


Grade C+

They did OK, but OK won’t be enough against a quality opponent.  I’m going to wait to see how these guys turn out.  We are starting 4 seniors at DB, so experience is not a problem.  They just need to tighten up their coverage a bit.  They gave up almost 200 yards in the air and only had one INT. 


Grade C

I’m a bit worried.  Nobody really stood out to me here, and we needed some people to step up.  With Sean Lee out for the season, and a DL that is not what it was a couple months ago due to injury and discipline, we really need some LB’s who are going to step up, and I just didn’t see that in this game. 


Grade B+

CCU’s offensive tackles will be having nightmares about Maurice Evans and the rest of the Penn State DE’s.  They were just in a league of their own.  The D-Tackles played pretty well, but I would have liked for them to take up some more space and keep blockers off te LB’s more.  Also they need to work on their reads on the screen passes, which seemed to be the main source of yardage for CCU. 

Special Teams

Grade A

D. Wheels had a kickoff return for a TD and Kevin Kelley had 10 points.  Not too shabby.


Overall I think they played well, and most importantly there were no significant injuries to report.  Let’s move on to Oregon State and keep the ball rolling!


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