I think i’m going to cry…

Seriously, I can’t take this shit anymore. 


I don’t care what the whole story is, DON’T PUT YOURSELVES IN THIS POSITION!!!  I remember college (OK so I remember SOME college), and I remember how it was.  You just want to have a good time, all the time.  One major difference, though, between me and and my friends and these guys… WE DIDN’T PLAY PENN STATE FOOTBALL!!!!  These guys are living the dream and all three of the players that live in the apartment in question have NFL potential.  If you want to party through college like me, don’t play football. 

This story is still in its infancy, but if this turns out to be a serious, punishable offense, something drastic needs to be done.  This team is spiraling out of control.  Something needs to be done to let the current players, and any player that will ever put on the the blue and white, know that this type of behavior, and the behaviors that have embarrassed ALL of us over the past couple of years, are 100% unacceptable and WILL NOT be tolerated.  As much as I would be heartbroken, a canceled season would be better to me than to have to walk around with my head hanging low embarrassed of my school and my team.  I understand that this is probably impossible, as they would have to refund 100’s of thousands of tickets and back out on TV deals and a million other things, but I think you get my point. 

I’m done bitching, for now.  Hopefully I will wake up tomorrow and this will have all blown over.   Sweet dreams to me.


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