OK, I am not going to do an elaborate breakdown this week like I did for week 1, due to the fact that I was at the game, but don’t remember every little detail because I was upholding the time honored tradition of the Penn State tailgaiting experience.  I always DVR the game for this very reason, but due to the severe storms in the Philadelphia area, the satelite dish was out for most of the game.  Oh well.  The weather held up for the most part in State College, so the game was a little more high scoring and wasn’t evened out as much by foul weather.  The offense, yet again, looked superb.  The O-Line and RB’s looked near flawless (1 fumble aside) and Clark silenced the naysayers with another solid game.  Defensively, I thought they looked decent, not great.  They gave up 250 yards in the air, and almost let one running back run for 100 yards (Rogers had 99 and 2 TDs), but ultimately they only gave up 14 points to an offense that was much better than the one they faced the week before. 

They will need to continue to get better as we get closer to the Big 10 schedule, but for now, they are doing just fine.  The loss of Jerome Hayes hurts, and will be devastating if the Evans/Koroma fiasco plays out to be a long supension situation, but lets just hope that this isn’t the case. 

Now let’s get focused for Week 3 at Syracuse!


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