A quick wrapup of Syracuse…

This game went, all in all, as expected.  I wasn’t surprised by anything positively or negatively.  Overall I will give Penn State a B for the week, because although they slaughtered the Orange, as expected, there is still room for improvement, and these improvements need to be made before the Big 10 schedule begins.  The most obvious thing to me while watching the game is that D Will needs to catch the damn ball.  He had 3 or 4 dropped passes and against a quality opponent, that could mean the game.  He is a talented player and a crowd favorite, but he needs to sure up his hands to ensure not only the best possible year for the Lions this year, but to prove to NFL scouts that he can be an impact player on the next level.  Secondly, I thought both the offensive and defensive lines took a small step backward this week.  They didn’t look bad, but they didn’t dazzle like they should have against an opponent like Syracuse.  The o-line wasn’t blowing open huge holes like they had been the past couple of weeks and the pass protection didn’t look quite as rock solid.  The D-line wasn’t getting nearly as much pressure on the qb as they should have against this offensive line.  I am hoping that Koroma and Evans will return and take care of that. 

Other than those couple of issues, things looked good on Saturday.  We need to keep the momentum rolling when we play Temple this weekend.  It is the last game before the Big 10 schedule begins, and I believe that Temple is the best opponent that the Lions will face in its first 4 games.

I will have a preview of the Temple game coming up in a few days…


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