Penn State vs Iowa Prediction

See, i told you i would make it in time! 

I’m glad the bye week is over.  I hate bye weeks.  It is like having to wait for your girlfriends ‘Aunt Flo’ to ‘leave town’ before you can continue to ravage her squeeze box for 30 seconds at a time.  It just sucks. 

Texas Tech has jumped over us in the BCS, or BSC, or whatever (JoePa, I love you), but I am not worried about that, Texas Tech will lose one of their next 3 games.  #1 Alabama will probably lose the SEC championship game.  I am worried about a one loss SEC team and a one loss Big 12 team jumping us in the final polls.  But, like the great JoePa, right now I am only concerned about Iowa.

Iowa has a very good running back in Shonn Greene, a pretty good run defense, and are solid on special teams.  I haven’t seen too much Iowa football this year, but I have seen enough.  They will try to run the ball on us, because, frankly, that’s all they’ve got.  Nobody has had success with that plan yet this year (see Wisconsin, Ohio State) and I don’t see that changing this week.  If Penn State gets out to an early lead, this one could be a blowout.  Force the Hawkeyes to pass the ball more than they would like and it will be a long day for Iowa. 

Shonn Greene needs to be the first running back this year to run all over Penn State if Iowa is to have a shot at the upset

Shonn Greene needs to be the first running back this year to run all over Penn State if Iowa is to have a shot at the upset

I have two mild concerns for this game:  the fact that we tend to come out flat on the road and will this be magnified even more by the bye week?  and the weather.  We will have to wait and see about coming out flat, according to the team, this won’t be a problem this week, but really, has anyone ever said, “I think we are going to come out flat in the first quarter, we really won’t be focused until about 20-25 minutes in”?  I don’t think so, and if they have… send me the clip, because that is fucking awesome.  Regarding the weather, last I checked, there was a 50% chance of snow and winds were predicted to be about 15 mph at game time.  What does this mean for Penn State?  It will be more difficult to exploit the water boy, the equipment manager, and two cheerleaders that Iowa has playing in its secondary.  No big deal, we will just keep passes short and run the ball.  Old fashioned Penn State football, i’m pretty sure they could turn back the clock for one game if they needed to. 

Penn State  31

Iowa           13

Let’s keep it going… WE ARE…

Penn State loves Snow!!

Penn State loves Snow!!


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