OK, so laziness has kept me from posting recentlyand that is unfortunate because there has been a lot going on. Newsome and Hodges commit to PSU, JoePa gets a new hip, and with it, a contract extension. But the main story has been Penn State’s trip to the Rose Bowl today.

Todays game is huge. Nearly every single article written about the Rose Bowl has focused on the USC defense, and how they may be the best defensive squad since JoePa was playing Ivy League football at Brown. Penn State needs to come out and make a statement against USC. They need to get the big feces throwing monkey named Big 10 off their backs. They need to come out and show the country that despite the Big 10 having an off couple of years, that Penn State is the real deal.

These two teams are led by 2 Hall of Fame coaches in Joe Paterno and Pete Caroll, but their coaching styles couldn’t be more different. Joe Pa is an old school dictator of football knowledge and a disciplinarian. He is traditionally media shy and keeps his team out of the lime light whenever possible. Pete Caroll, on the other hand, has Snoop Dogg recruiting players for him and invites Will Farrell to come to practice and tell dick and fart jokes.

Old School learns the New School today. Take notes.

Penn State 17

USC 14


One Response to “AGE BEFORE BEAUTY”

  1. I made a big Joe Pa post yesterday morning. Sad, the outcome of the game, but still, a good season for the Nittany Lions nonetheless. Maybe next year??

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