Penn State ’08 wrap up…

Well, that sucked.  I guess i was a little bit off in my prediction.  I didn’t expect our defense to go so soft.  Kudos to the USC offensive line; Sanchez may have had the stats, but the O-line won them the game.  They kept the pressure off of Sanchez, and in Penn States zone scheme, if you don’t get pressure on the QB with the front 4, you are screwed.  I was upset (and hungover) yesterday, but today i feel a bit better.  We had a great season, and were 2 points away from playing for a National Championship, against a team with less talent than USC.  As the white trash bumper sticker reads:  Shit Happens. 

There were things about this game that made me sick to my stomach ( defensive coaching, defensive playmaking, offensive 3rd down playcalling and execution, my switch from beer to whiskey after that kick in the pills that was the second quarter), but there were also a few things that i was happy to see and am very proud of.  First of all, it would have been easy and almost understandable for Penn State to roll over and play dead following the curb stomping that they received in the second quarter.  They did no such thing.  They came out in the second half and played with heart and pride.  It wasn’t enough to get the victory in the record books, but it showed a lot about the character of this entire team.  Hopefully the rest of the fans and potential recruits could see this like I did.  Speaking of the fans, this was the second thing that I saw positive come out of this game.  The fans that represented us at the Rose Bowl were AWESOME.  They were outnumbered (Pasadena is 2573 miles from State College and 9 miles from Los Angeles) but that didn’t stop them from out-cheering the USC fans.  Just like it would have been easy for the team to give up at halftime, it would have been even easier for the fans to give up on them as well.  They did no such thing.  The Penn State fans stayed until the very end, cheering their team on with pride.  There are no better fans in the world than Penn State football fans. 

So where do we go from here?  We lose several offensive lineman, our entire secondary, and our top 3 receivers that helped turn this program around 4 years ago.  Luckily for us, Joe Paterno’s ‘team first’ philosophy that he has instilled in all of the young men on the team will allow for an easier transition into new roles for the players that have these large shoes to fill.  We never rely too heavily on one or two players.  And while I and the rest of the Penn State world will miss the seniors dearly, life goes on, and so will Penn State football. 

And so begins the ‘off season’ for me, so expect little Penn State football updates here and there, and also some more non-Penn State related material.


Lets hope that we see Joe Pa back pacing the sidelines next year

Lets hope that we see Joe Pa back pacing the sidelines next year


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